Restaurant Process Approach for Restaurant Management

Process Approach Impact



A restaurant creates an experience. To  make it happen a set of interrelated activities work at the same time. A process approach can allow you as the owner to take an intradepartmental view of the business. In a sense action of one person in a department A affects another in department B.


What is a restaurant process?


A process is a set of interrelated or interacting activities which transforms inputs into outputs. These activities use resources like people, material.


Eg food production process

Inputs : these refers to requirements specified. This could be in a restaurant requirements resources like specification of materials. Inputs are man, material, method , machine and environment.  Ask yourself at each stage what are the requirements specified or whats the criteria that this activity is done correctly.


Outputs: this is the outcome desired. Inputs refer to requirement specified and outputs requirements satisfied. A 130 gram chicken is specified (input) to get a customer satisfied with portion size ( output).


Interrelated activities Some of the activities are purchasing, receiving, storing, pre prep, cooking, holding, plating , serving.  Note how these activities run from purchase, to different parts of kitchen, to service.


A process always has an owners and has a customer. The customer is an owner of the process of the start of a new process and has another customer. In a sense, the owner must satisfy the owner who may be an internal customer. The internal customer will then become an effective owner of new process and satisfy the external customer.


A process is measured for both efficiency and effectiveness. These scores can be both at input stage or output stage. How do you measure the quality of customer experience? Has the service department fulfilling the requirements of the process? How is kitchen fulfilling the food safety requirements?


Why are process approach relevant in a restaurant?

The process approach will give restaurant owners tools and insights to control the activities across various departments to achieve desired results.


Its not just the control of one process but how it interacts with another process. How does purchase interact with food production, how does food production interact with service, how does service interact with maintenance, how does billing interact with service.


If a restaurants owner gathers information on each of his process and get data to measure the effectiveness  and efficiency of each process, and he can hope to improve customer experience and reduce the stress or waste within the organisation.


Process can be reviewed by internal or external audits.


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